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UUT RS-232 Connection Plug-n-Play Procedure

Following a discussion during the Software User Group meeting at MSC this week, I am posting a subprocedure that can be used to facilitate communication with RS-232 plug-n-play UUTs.  This procedure requires that the UUT interface cable be unplugged from the PC to begin.  The procedure acquires a list of COM ports from the PC, then prompts for the operator to reconnect the interface cable.  A new COM port list is acquired from the PC, and the "odd one out" is identified as the plug-n-play device.

Self test timeouts occurring for certain oscilloscope models in the Tektronix MDO/MSO/DPO family

We have received recent reports of timeout problems that occur during the automated self-test routine for certain models of Tektronix oscilloscopes in the MDO, MSO, and DPO families.  This self-test subprocedure will be updated by Fluke, then all associated MET/CAL Gold procedure packages will be rebuilt and released after testing.  If you are seeing self-tests that last longer than 20 minutes, and would like to apply your own immediate fix, I have provided two options to consider below.

What is on a MET/CAL Gold spectrum analyzer procedure developer's bench?

Our test benches usually consist of the following equipment used for spectrum analyzer procedure development.  While I don’t recommend specific models, one thing I do recommend is checking for MET/CAL flexible standard support.  If the instrument is listed in our user_config_instr.ini file, and meets minimum use requirements as described within the procedure, then it should drop right into a flexible driver based procedure and work with no procedure modifications required.

What do you have on your bench?

Where have you seen Fluke meters in the media and entertainment?

I realize that this isn't exactly related to MET/CAL Procedures, but I watched The Avengers™ movie last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see what appeared to be a Fluke meter in the Helicarrier, sitting on Bruce Banner's test lab bench.  It was only shown from the back, and very briefly, so I couldn't tell what model it was.

Did anyone else notice this?  Outside of advertisements, where else have you recognized Fluke test equipment in TV, movies, magazines, etc.?

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