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Cannot locate report


I am new to metteam. I would like use my report but the metteam write "cannot locate report 'test.rpt' - file doesn't exit".
I copied the report file into all directory. What is the problem? Why doesn't it find? Can anybody help me?

Thanks and BR!

What is required to obtain measurement uncertainties in my report?

MET/CAL requires certain information before it can calculate and report measurement uncertainties.  When using an Instrument FSC, the minimum information required can be found in this sample procedure for a handheld digital multimeter:

Why do I see duplicate header information in my report of calibration?

When the MET/CAL procedure below is executed, a post test dialog box will be displayed after the UUT reading is entered in step 1.003.  The post test dialog includes a Repeat button that allows the technician to repeat the test.  Since the procedure uses ASK- P, pressing Repeat instructs MET/CAL to return to step XX.001 and execute those lines of code again.  Steps 1.003 and 1.004 print information to the results every time they are executed (including repeated operations).

How do I prevent scientific notation in my results?

Ensure that your procedure code does not make use of scientific notation.  For example, this section of code below instructs MET/CAL to generate scientific by defining the range as “5e4” in step 1.007:

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