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Fluke 123 risetime measurement.

Hello there. I'm writting a calibration procedure for the Fluke 123 osciloscope using a 5500A as standard. I have one in the procedures provided by Fluke, however it doesn't cover all the measurements which are done in our lab. I'm trying to do a rise time measurement.

Options for pasting procedure code

Pasting code from a MET/CAL procedure or a MET/TEAM data check sometimes does not preserve whitespace, line breaks, or other formatting, resulting in unreadable code in this forum.  Here are two options I have found for sharing code:

Save Procedure Path and Filename in Calibration Table

Hello everyone,

When a procedure is executed and the results saved, the procedure used is saved in the calibration table of the database "Calibration Procedure Used", Field C2320. This is the Procedure name assigned in the Instrument Line of the Main Procedure File in a project.
But: How can you find this procedure again, if you need to look for a pxe file, that can have a very diffrent name, when you select a procedure in Runtime with Calibrate-> Procedure Executable?

UUT RS-232 Connection Plug-n-Play Procedure

Following a discussion during the Software User Group meeting at MSC this week, I am posting a subprocedure that can be used to facilitate communication with RS-232 plug-n-play UUTs.  This procedure requires that the UUT interface cable be unplugged from the PC to begin.  The procedure acquires a list of COM ports from the PC, then prompts for the operator to reconnect the interface cable.  A new COM port list is acquired from the PC, and the "odd one out" is identified as the plug-n-play device.

Instrument configuration tips for MET/CAL Gold procedures, with an RF spectrum analyzer example

Even though RF procedures in MET/CAL require only typical MET/CAL instrument configuration, a LOT of equipment is required.  RF calibration systems are complex, and require complex configuration in order to automate them in MET/CAL (or any automated platform).  This can be a daunting task for even seasoned MET/CAL users, especially when considering the number of devices supported by the often-used 4418 FSC, and by each flexible driver used.  For example, the 8563E MET/CAL Gold procedure requires extensive configuration, as described below.

Prioritization of Fluke MET/CAL Gold Procedure Development

I have met and spoken with many of you, but for those of you who I have not yet had the opportunity to meet, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Chad Dodds, and I am the Procedure Development Manager at Fluke.  You may or may not already know that I personally rely on your input to guide decisions regarding prioritization of MET/CAL Gold procedures developed by the Fluke team.

Editor 8 prompt: "The procedure you are about to open already exists in *.mc format:"

If you are using MET/CAL Editor 8.0 or newer to open existing compiled procedures inside of a proc.dir, you may have already seen this prompt:

What do the dollar signs ($) mean in a MET/CAL procedure's REVISION: line (e.g., $Revision: 1.1 $)?

This is a special keyword used by our Revision Control Software (RCS) to identify the revision level of the procedure source code, for an individual file.  The $Revision: $ is the actual keyword syntax, which RCS recognizes and does something with.  The 1.1 is inserted by RCS automatically when we check in procedures after work on them is complete.  The next time the procedure is modified and checked in again, RCS will automatically bump it up to 1.2, 1.3, or 2.0, 2.1 etc.

Using regular expression to find & replace multiple lines

Fluke Calibration                                           MET/CAL Procedure
INSTRUMENT:            Using Regular Expression to Replace Multiple Lines
DATE:                  2012-08-10 11:25:44
AUTHOR:                Fluke Calibration
REVISION:              n/a
# This test case illustrates how to use regular express matching to perform

What is on a MET/CAL Gold spectrum analyzer procedure developer's bench?

Our test benches usually consist of the following equipment used for spectrum analyzer procedure development.  While I don’t recommend specific models, one thing I do recommend is checking for MET/CAL flexible standard support.  If the instrument is listed in our user_config_instr.ini file, and meets minimum use requirements as described within the procedure, then it should drop right into a flexible driver based procedure and work with no procedure modifications required.

What do you have on your bench?

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