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MET/BASE Support Schedule

Is MET/BASE and MET/TRACK going away? When does support end for my version of MET/BASE? Where is Fluke focusing its development effort on? What database and operating systems are supported? How do I migrate to MET/TEAM?

Find out the answers and more by clicking on the link below:

MET/BASE Support Schedule

MET/CAL Release History

Some of you requested at User Group Meetings that we post the complete history of all MET/BASE, MET/CAL, and MET/TRACK versions releases. Here you go!

Note that new 5500/CAL licenses are no longer available but we are continuing to support 5500/CAL upgrades.


Try out newest Crystal Reports Runtime, version 13

Beginning with MET/CAL 7.3, we updated the Crystal Reports Runtime to version 12 in order for it to work on Windows 7. Some customers have experienced trouble with label printing as well as the performance of viewing a report. In order to resolve these issues, we've implemented a few work-a-rounds in our code and tested other CR Runtime versions. Version 13 of the Cyrstal Reports Runtime is built for .NET 4 and so is MET/CAL 8. If you would like to try out version 13 of the Crystal Reports Runtime with MET/CAL 8.0.43 or 8.046 you need to:



MET/TRACK Asset Management Application Discussion Group

MET/TRACK is the powerful test and measurement database management system that manages inventory, calibrations, locations, maintenance, and customers for MET/CAL Plus. MET/TRACK delivers flexibility, power, and security that is not available in generic database applications. And it supports the traceability and record-keeping requirements of quality and accreditation standards, including ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9000, QS 9000, EN 45000, ANSI Z540.3, and MIL STD 45662A – without requiring you to write your own programs, setup your own databases, or test and document the system.

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