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Passing UID to Crystal Reports

Is there a way to pass the currently logged in users nUserUID and/or nFacilityUID to Crystal Reports without using a prompt in Met/Team?

In the documentation for Data Check SQL:

The following list contains special string-replace keys for use within SQL statements. This token system provides enhanced security while enabling the ability to access need information.


strUserUID - This token is replaced with the UID of the currently logged in user.

MetCal 9 marginal reading results in MetTeam?

Hello all!

The MetTeam full-data results screen lists the tests that are "marginal" in the cCondition field.What table is this coming from? How do I reference this in a CrystalReport so I can count up the marginals in a caibration?

My goal is to create a report of callibrations awaiting approval and this is a quick way to see which caibration results need closer scrutiny.

Cannot locate report


I am new to metteam. I would like use my report but the metteam write "cannot locate report 'test.rpt' - file doesn't exit".
I copied the report file into all directory. What is the problem? Why doesn't it find? Can anybody help me?

Thanks and BR!

Looking to buy Label Printer

Hi all,

We're looking into buying a label printer.

Which ones do you like?

Which ones should I stay away from?

Freddie Lochner
ConRes Metrology

trouble setting up email alerts

Trying to set up [Reports - Alerting Schedules].  When setting up a New Alert Schedule  I keep getting "Connection to server failed."

Pretty sure [System Defaults - Alerts.*] are defined properly and active.  I have set up my SMTP server for other programs so I know that part works.  

Has anyone had success with this?

Import WO with files as URL

Dear all,

I'm trying to import some WO from a csv file. I can now create the WO and the File that I need, but how do I link them together?
I have attached a picture of the link that I want to create with the import.

Also when I create a WO manually then the WO no. is copied to the certificate no. field, this is not the case when done by import, is this possible to setup?


Søren Gadegaard






SQL Server Version


The installation guide for Met/Team says that it requires SQL Server 2008 R2 "or later", then goes on to say that some features are not available if the SQL Server version is other than 2008 R2. My company would rather deploy a more recent version, like SQL Server 2012 or 2014. Has anyone expereince with using Met/Team with a more recent verson that SQL Server 2008 R2 and, if so, does it provide all of the features you need with the later version?

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