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Fluke 123 risetime measurement.

Hello there. I'm writting a calibration procedure for the Fluke 123 osciloscope using a 5500A as standard. I have one in the procedures provided by Fluke, however it doesn't cover all the measurements which are done in our lab. I'm trying to do a rise time measurement.

E10914 Error

I'm currently writing a calibration procedure visa MetCal Editor for a Tektronix MDO4104B-6 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope.  While performing the Bandwidth Gain Test portion, I get a Met/Cal error while trying to acquire a P2P measurement.  The error is below:

"E10914:  Error reading from VISA resource 326237136 (error VI_ERROR_TMO)."

Asking operator for Values


I have a problem and you might be able to help me.

I'm trying to create a procedure in met/cal but i need a function that ask the operator for a value anf the function stores it in MEM or S[]. So far i did not find something like this, only OPBR (Y/N question) and EVAL(PAss/Fail question).


Is there any function that enables the storage of a value in the registry by user input?


Thanks in advance.


Best and fastes way to calculate uncertainty using external tool

What is the best and fastes way to calculate uncertainty using external tool?
I don't want to use Metcal to calculate uncertainty, as my auditor don't like it.

So I want to automatize the calibration using metcal, and then calculate the uncertainty using my formulas in excel (or other tool like Matlab).

The problem is that I don't know how to do it. It has to be a fast way (as the calibration could have 50 or more results and I can't manage every results "by hand").

Metcal: communicate with other software


I'm writing a program in C++ to manage a measure system.

Does there is the possibility to then automatize the calibration by connecting metcal with my C++ software? How?

I'm using metcal 7.3 sp1

HP/Agilent 3458A Calibration ini files

Hello, I have a 3458A that I want to calibrate but when I run the most up to date procedure through Met/Cal the program stops saying that C:/ProgramData/METBASE/shared/gb.ini and mu.ini are missing. I searched all files and folders and could not find these files. I looked in the metcal.ini file to see if I needed to change any info there and I did change the gb folder string. I still get the error anyway. Is the gb.ini and mu.ini file something I need to create? I had to create ini files for my charted 742A values but I didnt see any info for the gb or mu ini files. Thanks for any help.

Oldest MET/CAL Version?

Someone mentioned to me today that even though they are running a current version, they still had the 5.25" floppy disks from the first version of MET/CAL that they had ever purchased.  Unfortunately, they weren't sure what version number it was.  We thought it would be fun to find out who has the oldest version on the Forum!  What is the oldest version of MET/CAL that you have in your possession?  It doesn't have to be installed or running, just having the disks qualifies.

Enabling Alt+F5 shortcut for the Debug From Cursor menu option

On some installations of MET/CAL Editor v8.0, the Alt+F5 shortcut key for the Debug > Debug From Cursor menu is not configured properly and does not appear in the menu. To resolve this issue, follow the process outlined below.


What are Projects and Solutions in MET/CAL Editor 8.0?

MET/CAL Editor 8.0 Projects are well-defined: one main procedure, plus all of its dependencies (subprocedures, picture files, executables, etc.).  However, Solutions are extremely flexible and their definition could be different for each user.  Solutions have a one-to-many relationship with Projects, here are some examples in increasing order of complexity:

Fluke requests your feedback on MET/CAL Gold calibration procedures

Fluke would like to request your feedback via an approximately ~5 minute long, online survey.  The link to the survey can be found here:

This survey is centered around your experiences with Fluke MET/CAL Gold procedures.  The results will be reviewed by the procedure development team this month.

Thank you very much for your input!

Chad Dodds
Fluke Calibration

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