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Passing Variables to MEMC Arguments([NOMINAL] [RANGE] etc...)

Hi all,

I'm wondering to know if it is possible to pass variables in MEMC arguments like [Nominal], [RANGE]...

The goal is to write these fileds in variables and use them globally.



MEMC <range><nominal><tolerance><mod1>

MATH @CalPoint="12 mV"

MEMC @Calpoint 1%

Thank you


Looping over procedure evaluation statements (EVAL, MEMC, MEMCX, etc.)

Placing an evaluation FSC (EVAL, MEMC, MEMCX, etc.) inside of a MET/CAL procedure loop is not currently supported due to the way MET/CAL stores results in the database.  However, here is a solution that may help: place the code that you want to loop over inside of a subprocedure, and use variables to pass any changing pieces of information to the subprocedure for processing.

Tolerance goes to zero for nominal values of zero

I am measuring the frequency response of a microphone preamplifier by injecting a signal into it with a SRS DS360 signal generator and measuring the voltage with an Agilent 34401A DMM. The signal is nominally 120 dBµV and referenced from 1kHz. The signal generator's amplitude and frequency, expected nominal value, and tolerances are read from a text file for each test point. Some of the frequencies in question should not differ from the 1 kHz level measured by the DMM, so the nominal difference is given to be 0. An example is as follows.

passing variables to mod1 field in MEMCX

Is it possible to pass a variable to the MEMCX mod1 field? I'd like to pass the frequency for the evaluation step. I use this evaluation in a sub procedure and pass the test parameters from the main function. I cannot hardcode the frequency value as it changes with each test step. I'm trying to generate a graph in Crystal Reports and use the frequency as the independant variable and plot the measured and tolerance values against it.

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