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I`m trying to communicate MET/Cal with a TDS 310 osciloscope.

I first atempted to do it by a rs232 communication using the PORT FSC, however, metcal never received the answers the osciloscope was sending ( it appears the [I],[I!] and [I$] special constructions are not work properly)

Then I tried to do it using a GPIB-USB NI board. However, when I run the IEEE orthers I get this mesagee

Error: E2527: unsupported FSC( IEEE)

Remote measurement data Yokogawa LR8100E

Hello everyone, see if you can help me ...The issue is that there are 3 or 4 Yokogawa LR8100e. We have a procedure set up to MET / CAL, UBP remote control (such as changing channel, range, etc).

Using the *OPC?[I!] command

I have been writing a lot of closed loop procedures recently and need some clarification on when to use the *OPC?[I!] command with the SCPI, IEEE, & IEEE2 FSC's. Some instruments take longer than other to complete their routines and need time to finish before receiving another command. Sometimes, MetCal automatically waits for the command to complete, but other times it does not so I have to add the *OPC?[I!] command to the end of the line to wait for a Operation Complete return value or a delay [D###] command.

Configuring NI GPIB boards to work with MET/CAL

When using two National Instruments (NI) GPIB boards with MET/CAL, initial configuration is always required.  Even after the boards are installed and operational with their correct drivers, each board must be assigned a GPIB Interface ID using NI’s Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX).  The NI MAX software will automatically assign the ID after installation, and typically remembers each board’s ID.  Some detachable form factors (USB, PCMCIA, ExpressCard, etc.) may not retain their original IDs if they are removed and re-attached.  Instructions for reviewing or

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