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Instrument configuration tips for MET/CAL Gold procedures, with an RF spectrum analyzer example

Even though RF procedures in MET/CAL require only typical MET/CAL instrument configuration, a LOT of equipment is required.  RF calibration systems are complex, and require complex configuration in order to automate them in MET/CAL (or any automated platform).  This can be a daunting task for even seasoned MET/CAL users, especially when considering the number of devices supported by the often-used 4418 FSC, and by each flexible driver used.  For example, the 8563E MET/CAL Gold procedure requires extensive configuration, as described below.

Prioritization of Fluke MET/CAL Gold Procedure Development

I have met and spoken with many of you, but for those of you who I have not yet had the opportunity to meet, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Chad Dodds, and I am the Procedure Development Manager at Fluke.  You may or may not already know that I personally rely on your input to guide decisions regarding prioritization of MET/CAL Gold procedures developed by the Fluke team.

Why do MET/CAL Gold procedures use so many subprocedures?

Gold procedures utilize subprocedures to maximum the reuse of procedure code.  A simple device may call several subprocedures to do the work, since a single subprocedure can perform the testing for many different, related devices.  There are many benefits to using this approach, a perfect example a four channel oscilloscope. 

What is on a MET/CAL Gold spectrum analyzer procedure developer's bench?

Our test benches usually consist of the following equipment used for spectrum analyzer procedure development.  While I don’t recommend specific models, one thing I do recommend is checking for MET/CAL flexible standard support.  If the instrument is listed in our user_config_instr.ini file, and meets minimum use requirements as described within the procedure, then it should drop right into a flexible driver based procedure and work with no procedure modifications required.

What do you have on your bench?

Fluke requests your feedback on MET/CAL Gold calibration procedures

Fluke would like to request your feedback via an approximately ~5 minute long, online survey.  The link to the survey can be found here:

This survey is centered around your experiences with Fluke MET/CAL Gold procedures.  The results will be reviewed by the procedure development team this month.

Thank you very much for your input!

Chad Dodds
Fluke Calibration

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