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Usage of 5520 FSC for Power - Uncertainty Measurement

Hello All,

There has been a concern arise about the uncertainty in measurement using the 5520 FSC. For power measurement uncertainty, Met/Cal uses RSS of uncertainties arising from voltage, currentand power factor. These are done with "relative" uncertainties as a percentage result. 

Now, JCGM 100:2008 requires sensitivity coefficients be used in the computation of uncertainty. In power calibration, and 100V, 1A, 60Hz as example, the sensitivity coefficients are not unity. 

Using the *OPC?[I!] command

I have been writing a lot of closed loop procedures recently and need some clarification on when to use the *OPC?[I!] command with the SCPI, IEEE, & IEEE2 FSC's. Some instruments take longer than other to complete their routines and need time to finish before receiving another command. Sometimes, MetCal automatically waits for the command to complete, but other times it does not so I have to add the *OPC?[I!] command to the end of the line to wait for a Operation Complete return value or a delay [D###] command.

Looping over procedure evaluation statements (EVAL, MEMC, MEMCX, etc.)

Placing an evaluation FSC (EVAL, MEMC, MEMCX, etc.) inside of a MET/CAL procedure loop is not currently supported due to the way MET/CAL stores results in the database.  However, here is a solution that may help: place the code that you want to loop over inside of a subprocedure, and use variables to pass any changing pieces of information to the subprocedure for processing.

Exercise: interpreting legacy instrument FSC code, and comparing to an NVI FSC

The 5522A FSC provides a great mechanism for comparing the newer NVI FSCs (5522A) to legacy instrument FSCs (5520/M5520).  By learning more about NVI FSCs, the goal is to help you become more proficient, and efficient, at writing MET/CAL procedures.

Most of us are very familiar with writing one line 5520 FSC statements to source voltage and current, so I'll skip over those and head to a slightly more difficult example.  Can you to decipher the following pair of M5520/5520 FSC lines.  This is an open book "test", so please use the FSC help if needed!

What is the new O_CAL FSC?


The O_CAL FSC was introduced in MET/CAL version 7.3 Service Pack 1.  It is designed to control all Fluke oscilloscope calibrators built in Everett, WA, using only one FSC.  This includes all oscilloscope calibrator options available in the 5080A, 5500A, 5520A, 5522A, 5800A, and 5820A calibrators.  The Fluke 9500 is not supported by this FSC, since it is very different.

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