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Application Note 4273329A - Getting Started with MET/CAL® Editor in version 8

These are the files referred to by Application Note 4273329A - Getting Started with MET/CAL® Editor in version 8.  This Application Note can be located here:

 The file contains two *.vsettings files for use with this document.


Moving a dockable Editor window without snapping it into place

When you click and drag a dockable window in the Editor, guide diamonds automatically pop up to help dock the window in the position where you want it.  If you are anything like me, and try to reposition windows too quickly sometimes, you may find yourself docking windows into unexpected locations.

Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging the window to suppress the guide diamonds, and prevent accidental docking of your windows as you reposition them.

Tracking Changes in MET/CAL Editor 8.0

You may have already noticed the color bars appearing and changing along the left margin as you type and save procedure code using MET/CAL Editor 8.0.  These bars are a visual indicator for lines of procedure code that have changed from the originally opened file or procedure.  When a file is first opened, the margin area is blank.  Once edits are made, three different color indicators are used to track the changes:

Source file organization strategies, and use within Editor 8.0 Projects

During recent User Group meetings, a topic came up for discussion that is very important to consider for everyone interested in using Projects within MET/CAL Editor 8.0.

What are Projects and Solutions in MET/CAL Editor 8.0?

MET/CAL Editor 8.0 Projects are well-defined: one main procedure, plus all of its dependencies (subprocedures, picture files, executables, etc.).  However, Solutions are extremely flexible and their definition could be different for each user.  Solutions have a one-to-many relationship with Projects, here are some examples in increasing order of complexity:

Changes in MET/CAL Editor 8


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