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Shipment Requisition Number - Autoincrement Revision

I am looking to append an automatic incremental revision number to the Requisition Number field within the Shipping form, just like automatic revision number added to the Certification Number on the Call Sheet.

Basically, I want "-Rev##" appended and automatically incremented each time the shipment detail is changed / saved.

I could not locate the logic that performs this with the Certification Number, but if someone can point me in the right direction, that script is all that I should need.

Thanks in advance,



MET/TEAM- General

MET/TEAM does not prompt to save data when you hit the refresh button on a form. Is this by design?


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MET/TEAM™ software is a powerful, flexible, and scalable calibration management software solution for managing your calibration assets. Designed by metrologists for metrology, it is ideal for calibration professionals who need to manage workflow through the calibration laboratory.

Access Different Calibration Database


Hello all,

I recently finished a calibration at a customer's facility. I did an instrument using a colleague's computer, and the data from the cal is in their database. They recently uninstalled 7.3 and installed 8.0, and have been unable to access the previous database. I copied the metbase.db file onto my computer, but have not been able to access this file and retrieve my data for this piece of equipment. Even replacing my database with this one does not work.

Any ideas? Thanks.


MET/TRACK Asset Management Application Discussion Group

MET/TRACK is the powerful test and measurement database management system that manages inventory, calibrations, locations, maintenance, and customers for MET/CAL Plus. MET/TRACK delivers flexibility, power, and security that is not available in generic database applications. And it supports the traceability and record-keeping requirements of quality and accreditation standards, including ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9000, QS 9000, EN 45000, ANSI Z540.3, and MIL STD 45662A – without requiring you to write your own programs, setup your own databases, or test and document the system.

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