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Data Check in MetTeam

We are trying to get set up to use MetTeam full time and I think we need some custom data checks that seem like they would be fairly common for other users as well.  Does anyone already have a data check in place for any of the following:

checking that description, manufacturer, and model number are NOT being duplicated in "Add Types"

checking that a new asset for a specific customer is NOT duplicated in "Add Assets"

Adding a log note when the status is changed in a WorkOrder

If you do have any or all of these data checks, would you be willing to share?

MetTeam Data Check - Set Value of Extended Data Field

Can anyone tell me the correct format to set the value of an Extended Data field in a data check? I attempted to use “DataCheck.SetValue(‘cField1’,’1001’)” to set the value of Work Order exData cField1 to “1001”, but I get an error when I attempt to run it / save the work order.

Since there is a different command to read the value of an extended data field, I assume there is a different command to write to it, but I could find no documentation in the help file or forum.

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Another data check question

Does anyone out there have a data check that displays text when an asset is put into complete status? I would like to have a text box pop-up that reminds people to adhere a current label once an asset is complete. I am also not sure where data checks have to be saved to make them accessable to the Met/Team database, so I could use some advice.

Shipment Requisition Number - Autoincrement Revision

I am looking to append an automatic incremental revision number to the Requisition Number field within the Shipping form, just like automatic revision number added to the Certification Number on the Call Sheet.

Basically, I want "-Rev##" appended and automatically incremented each time the shipment detail is changed / saved.

I could not locate the logic that performs this with the Certification Number, but if someone can point me in the right direction, that script is all that I should need.

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Data Checks during Batch Processing

We have a data check in place that verifies that the current owner of an asset is updated on the Work Order when the Work Order is marked Complete. This ensures that new products have the correct customer information on the certificate when the device is  purchased. Often, a customer will purchase several items and we wish to update the customer information on the certs as a batch. 

The batch change for Assets goes as excpected.

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