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Passing UID to Crystal Reports

Is there a way to pass the currently logged in users nUserUID and/or nFacilityUID to Crystal Reports without using a prompt in Met/Team?

In the documentation for Data Check SQL:

The following list contains special string-replace keys for use within SQL statements. This token system provides enhanced security while enabling the ability to access need information.


strUserUID - This token is replaced with the UID of the currently logged in user.

Old Work Orders

Is there a report that will pull all Work Orders (or Call Sheets) that are so many days old?  Or has someone created such a report and be willing to share it with me?

MetCal 9 marginal reading results in MetTeam?

Hello all!

The MetTeam full-data results screen lists the tests that are "marginal" in the cCondition field.What table is this coming from? How do I reference this in a CrystalReport so I can count up the marginals in a caibration?

My goal is to create a report of callibrations awaiting approval and this is a quick way to see which caibration results need closer scrutiny.

Cannot locate report


I am new to metteam. I would like use my report but the metteam write "cannot locate report 'test.rpt' - file doesn't exit".
I copied the report file into all directory. What is the problem? Why doesn't it find? Can anybody help me?

Thanks and BR!

MET/TEAM - error generating crystal reports

Does MET/TEAM use the application pool to connect to the db for crystal reports when generated?  The app is up and running but the reports are failing and throwing an error:

Exception message:  Database logon failed. at CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.Controllers.ReportSourceClass.Export ...

I would like to know whee else in MET/TEAM is the db connection set?

Creating/modifying calibration cert with data using Crystal Reports

I am trying to either create new or modify an existing Fluke calibration certificate with data.  The report that is supplied with Met/Team has the calibration data in it but when I go to modify the upper "company" info,  Crystal Reports won't let me because I don't have access to the database that is being used for the data in the Fluke report.  I also don't have the view/table that the report is using (Ver_7_certificate).  I've looked through my tables and views and can't seem to find the same fields that the report is using.  Does anyone know what the fields are t

Problem Printing Barcode Labels in Met/Team (Crystal Reports)

Is anyone else having problems printing barcode labels in Met/Team. I have tried using every Code 39 barcode font available in Crystal Reports. They all print out as text *123456*, not as a barcode. The formula I'm using is ("*" + {Assets.cBarcode} + "*") using Crystal Syntax in Crystal Reports. If it's working for you, which barcode font are you using? Are your fonts on your local computer or on the server? Are you using Crystal Syntax or Basic Syntax? Do I need to purchase barcode fonts? I'm using SAP Crystal Reports Version RTM.

Export automaticaly a group of certificate

Hi, is it possible to export automatically a group of certificate? I mean, if today I made 30 certificate that are in Mettrack, and I want to export them in PDF, using the same report, saving them this way: "Certificate number_asset number.pdf". Is it possible to create a macro to do this automatically? Or do I ever have to do it manually one by one?

Ver_7_Certificates Procedure Fields


The Ver_7_Certificates procedure returns several data fields with non descriptive names (i.e. C2301 is the Calibration Date, 4202 is the Manufacturer). I gleaned some information from existing reports, is there a complete list somewhere of what these fields contain?

Thank you in advance.

Crystal Reports charts

I'm trying to modify the calcertlong report to inlcude a graph of my results. I have data taken at various test frequencies and want to express the results in a scatter plot with the upper and lower tolerances displayed. Crystal Reports is not making this very easy. I've tried to read their support documentation, but the focus is on business graphs, like sales, marketing, etc, where there are multiple series and the data is broken into categories with associated values.

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