Site Use FAQs

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1. How do I join a group?
First, make sure you have registered for and logged into the site.  Go the "Groups" option in the top menu and select the group you'd like to join.  Once at that group's page, look for the "join group" link.

2. Once in a group, what can I do?
Most groups feature a variety of different content types such as "Discussions," "Documents," "Polls," and "Events."  In any of these, you can view the content and comment on it.  Most users can initiate new discussions, so if you have a new question or topic to begin a discussion on that fits within the context of the group you're in, feel free to start a new discussion.  Just look for the blue "CREATE" button toward the top-right of the page.

3. What if I choose not to register?
You'll be able to view most of the content on the site, but you won't be able to initiate any discussions or add comments anywhere on the site.

4. Is there a way that I can be automatically alerted to content changes on the site?
Yes. Just click on "My Profile" in the "My Stuff" menu and then on the "Notification Settings" on the left, under your picture.  From there you can add and manage notification setting for various types of content or content associated with specific groups or individuals, etc.  You'll also find links to subscription options at the bottom of most content items.

5. What can I do with the points I earn?
Earn more (by contributing to discussions, mostly) and admire your increasing total!

6. Do I need to register for both this site AND the site?
Nope.  Registering for one automatically registers you for the other.