Use of Correction Factor

How can I do a Measurement with my 8508A but no include in the Test Results?

I have my code:

  1.012  MATH         M[1]=(1.11+10000)/(1.11*10000)   1.013  5520         600V                                              N  2W   1.014  M8508  RNGLK 2V   1.015  8508         0.600V                                            N  2W   1.016  MATH         M[2]=MEM   1.017  MATH         MEM=M[1]*M[2]   1.018  MEME   1.019  MEMCX        V              2% I use the 5520A to generete 600 DCV and a High Voltage Probe to test it and 8508A to measure 600mV then I try to apply a Correction Factor in the measurement with M[1] Am I in a good way?