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Slightly different question than last post but it has to do with USB communication. We have always used a USB to GPIB adapter and it’s worked splendidly. I just invoke the IEEE statement, send the device some coded gibberish - too easy. But some of our new equipment only has USB or LAN. Does this work the same way in Met/Cal? I just know very little about how this will change the way Met/Cal communicates with the device. Is the IEEE FSC still used? Does every device need a unique driver installed? Am I just wildly overthinking this?




You will want to use the

You will want to use the "VISA" FSC much the same as the "PORT" one



Not all USB communications

Not all USB communications are NOT created equal. 

If the Device is USB-UTMC-488 complant then you should be able to use the VISA FSC.  Simply put, that means the manufacture a conformed to a standard that allows you to communicate with the device using text-based messages.  

Some devices are software based.  Meaning you will have to write code that that communicates with the drivers that are installed on the computer.   This is very seldom simple communications.  You will more than likely need additional programming software and tools. 

MET/CAL has the "LIB" FCS but personally, I don't like it!  Usually, I will write a text-based interpreter and call it from MET/CAL using the "DOS" FSC and a program I wrote, "MetNetComm" or "VISA_COMM".  Both of these applications allow me to control just about any UUT all the way back to MET/CAL version 4.2.

LAN and TCP/IP instruments are pretty much the same.  If they comply with the LXI standard you can use the "VISA" FSC.  If not, you may have to do some fancy coding, some middle-ware application to bridge the gap between MET/CAL and the UUT. 



Sorry for the Hijack

Sorry for the Hijack here


Mike would you have any knowledge on beamex multifunction calibrators we test ALOT of them and have to manually enter the data into met/cal.......We dont mind paying for a good service....





Thanks Mike, that was

Thanks Mike, that was actually very hepful. I wasn't sure if my question was simple and ignorant or if there were some genuine pitfalls with this communication interface. I'd guess that the major manufacturers like Keysight and Tektronix would be compliant but lesser known manufacturers are more of a gamble. I'll keep that in mind in the future.