UK based users of Metcal, Team & Crystal Reports

HI all

I am after finding out anyone in the UK that is using the latest version of Metcal, Team and Crystal Reports and if they have had any specific set up issues in the process of using the softwae.


Specifiically, I am interested in, but not limited too:-

Met Team and finding a full list of field codes for use with crystal reports.

Metcal and use of varible resolution ie. 10.0000V for applied and 10.00V for UUT reading.

Crystal reports and linking in to the sequel database especially adding additional tables to the database source search. 


As the UK has somewhat different requirements in metrology to the US, it would be good for any UK based users to perhaps bounce ideas and question off each other for own benefit.


Thanks in advance






I can touch on the resolution

I can touch on the resolution issue, even as a US user.

The order of precedence for resolution that MET/CAL looks for what to use is as follows:

  1. Instrument FSC with a value in the Nominal Field (Evaluation Test Type)
  2. MEMC/MEMCX FSC with a value in the Nominal Field
  3. ACC FSC with a vaue in the Nominal Field
  4. SETUP FSC with a value in the Nominal Field
  5. MEMC/MEMCX Tolerance Field which includes a U (units from the nominal field) component

If you are using a MEMC/MEMCX as your evaluation along with a nominal test type instrument FSC, the resolution of the nominal field in the instrument FSC doesnt matter. The reported resolution comes first from your evaluation line (instrument or MEMC/MEMCX) nominal field, if a value is there. Otherwise, it looks through 3-5 on the list above and if none of those exist, it attempts to infer from available information.

You can also manually set the resolution with VSET/TSET UUT_RES, remembering that it is referenced in base units without any SI prefixes (a resolution of 1 uV would be UUT_RES = 0.000001).


Thanks for replying.   Yes

Thanks for replying.


Yes this works although we had to do another minor alteration, but nothing major.


Thanks for your help


Though also not a US user,

Though also not a US user, I've asked Fluke about the MET/TEAM fields before.

The response I got was that there is a: "default custom report titled "Label Information.rpt" that contains an exhaustive list of all the SQL fields in the database, along with a description of what data belongs in them"

It's definately an exhaustive list, in practice though I found the descriptions to be not particularly helpful or completely blank, but the some of the fields did pick up the lables I'd renamed on the MET/TEAM interface, so that was handy.


Thanks for the reply. I have

Thanks for the reply.

I have found that CR and triedto use it.

However, I needed to redirect the posistion of the server.

However, there is a issue with us using sequel server 2014 and Native client 10. Using 11 which microsoft say yu need to, the fields and tables by name are not available for the report, so I think I may have to go back to Fluke on this one.

Thanks anyway.