I'm quite new to Met/Cal and I'm struggling a lot to learn it since the guy who used to modify procedures left ans was the only one to know how it worked.

Here's my problem.  First, we're using Met/cal 7.3.36.

We have an internal procedure to check our Fluke 5520A against a HP 3458A.  It is just a verification.

We recently bought 2 Fluke 8508A, and I'm trying to create another procedure tu run the same test while the 3458 is gone for external calibration.

Not complicated, but I'm getting this error:

W317: FSC 8508: T.U.R. (2.25e-005 / 1.5e-005 = 1.5000) < 4.

I understand that the T.U.R. is not respected, but even when I put the 3458 back instead, the same error occurs.

So, first, how this procedure was written with no error?

Secondly, is there a way to order Met/Cal to skip the T.U.R. and make it run anyway?

Thank you.


Sorry for my english, I'm french canadian.





It is not an error, it is a

It is not an error, it is a warning, hence the 'W'.  The procedure will execute with warnings.  With a TUR of 1.5, statistically you may have an invalid Pass or Fail condition.


Cool.  Thanks a lot. I got to

Cool.  Thanks a lot.

I got to check that tomorrow morning, but I was under the impression that I couldn't save the procedure with that warning. 

But once I've been warned and the procedure has been saved, Met/Cal will stop to warn me?

I got to check the whole thing, I tought the 8508 was as accurate as the 3458 as a reference DMM.

I could change the tolerances, but what would be the point of checking it...