Tolerance Calculation Error

I am new to writing procedures and was wondering if someone could explain why the following code fails with an error stating that the tolorance cannot be calculated.

1.023   TOL    .103%  .1/  .001U

1.024   MEMCX  15  7.00000V   TOL    60H

If I modify the TOL line to just one value   (1.023   TOL    .103%)  it will calculate the tolerance correctly. But as soon as I add another value it errors.

The TOL help information shows the TOL function with multiple adders. Why won't this work?





Can you give us the code

Can you give us the code leading up to this?


If I do this

5502E +Voltage = 7V

MEMI Enter UUT reading

TOL  .103%  .1/  .001U

MEMCX 15 7.00000V TOL 60H

It works fine

Also what version are you running?


Here is the code.  Also we

Here is the code.  Also we have version 8.1.3 Thanks  1.001  ASK-   R     N              P                            A        V  1.002  ASK+           K   1.003  MATH         @ReqMetCalVersion = "7.20x"  1.004  CALL         Sub MET/CAL Version Check   1.005  IF           NOT(@MetCalVersionOK)  1.006  DISP         This procedure requires MET/CAL or 5500/CAL 7.20 SP1  1.006  DISP         (7.20x) or later.  1.007  END  1.008  ENDIF  1.009  CALL         Sub Display Copyright  1.010  CALL         Sub High Voltage Safety Warning   1.011  HEAD         TEST CONDITIONS  1.012  DISP         - No specific warm-up time requirement.  1.012  DISP         - Ambient temperature: 18°C - 28°C.  1.012  DISP         - Relative humidity: less than 90%.   1.013  HEAD         INITIAL INFORMATION  1.014  CALL         Sub Select Failed Test Mode  1.015  CALL         Sub Select Verification Method (No NTHROW)   1.016  JMPL         END                          @Abort   1.017  RSLT         =  1.018  HEAD         {VOLTAGE TEST}   1.019  TARGET       -p#  1.043  HEAD         -2 [7][D250][7][D250][7][D250][7][D250][7][D250]#  1.044  HEAD         -2 100 mV Range#  1.045  SCPI         *RST  1.020  DISP         Make the following connections:  1.020  DISP         [32]          5520A             to     UUT FRONT  1.020  DISP         [32] NORMAL V/Ohm/Diode/RTD HI ---> Input V HI  1.020  DISP         [32] NORMAL V/Ohm/Diode/RTD LO ---> Input V LO  1.020  DISP         [32]  AUX A/Ohm-SENSE/AUX V HI ---> Input A HI  1.020  DISP         [32]  AUX A/Ohm-SENSE/AUX V LO ---> Input A LO #  7.009  SCPI         :SEL:VLT#  7.010  SCPI         VOLT:AC:RANG 100mV;RES 0.0001mV  1.021  5520         7.00000V                     60H            SI    S  2W  1.022  TARGET       -m#  7.013  SCPI         INIT;*TRG;FETCH?[I]  1.023  TOL          .103% .1/ .001U  1.024  MEMCX  15    7.00000V       TOL           60H



Can you generate a T.U.R

Can you generate a T.U.R report for it?........In editor under "Tools" then "Generate T.U.R report.


It generates the following

It generates the following response...


1.023  TOL   .130%  .1/  .001U

1.024  MEMCX 15  7.0000V  TOL  60 H

#!  T.U.R. not calculated because tolerance depends on numeric register.




Hi, Try adding leading zeros


Try adding leading zeros to each component. It looks like it's interpreting at least one of them as a variable name.


We figured it out. It looks

We figured it out. It looks like there can only be one space between the variables. It worked with or without the leading 0's

Thanks for your assistance.