print sticker in runtime workorder



We have an issue with printing sticker in the runtime workorder, the popup preview looks ok when

i click the printer button but it prints a blank sticker.

When i open the same wordkorder in met/team  it works ok.

I use the printer Zebra GX 430t ,runtime version 9.

I hope someone can help or advise.




Can't help except to say we

Can't help except to say we have the same setup and the same problem.  

If it helps, Fluke says version 2.2 will be out soon.  Maybe that is fixed.


Well ,  I am  working   with

Well , 

I am  working   with the beta 2.2(testing). but there is still this problem.

I was thinking the problem is on my system or windows setup or a printerdriver problem.

Good to know other printers have the same problem,i wil inform fluke about this.







Same problem here as well. 

Same problem here as well.  Got used to closing out runtime work order and re-opening work order with Met Team in order to print cal sticker.   Brother 9700PC printer.


Glad I not the only one.




Haven't tried it with

Haven't tried it with MET/TEAM yet, but I had a similar issue with a Zebra GK420t.

Saving printer a default printer in the Crystal template sorted it out for us, maybe it'd help here too?


Hello,   Do you mean these



Do you mean these setting's ?

see attach file.



pagesetup.jpg 54.8 KB

Those are the ones. I've

Those are the ones.

I've attached a shot of what i've got set in our template

sticker_page_settings.png 31.19 KB

Hi   Thanks for replying but



Thanks for replying but this is not really my issue.

It is actually connecting to the dB in crystal reports.

I have done some digging this morning.

We are running a sequel server 2014 and understood from Fluke that I needed to link toit by using Native Client 10.

Having lookedat the microsoft web site, it would appear tha I need to use Native Client 11 and not 10.

However, this posses another set of issues, mainly that the field varibles in the CR's supplied by Fluke are not available when using Native Client 11.