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Does anybody know what Table/Field needs to be added to the Select Expert - Record of Crystal Reports to filter the Assets by Assigned Facility.   I tried Assets.nAssignedFacUID, but that is looking for a number and I have "ELEC" and "MECH" values in these fields.








I went into historical data

I went into historical data in my database and used known values to define what numbers represented what you are looking for. Not sure if that is the easiest way, but that is what I did.



Disregard for ambiguity.  See

Disregard for ambiguity.  See below.

Freddie Lochner


Larry, The views would be


The views would be vw_Assets and vw_Facilities.  You would link the two together by the FacilitiesUID.  The field would be Facilities.cFacilityName as stated earlier by Freddie.

Good luck!

Mikki Olson


  Thanks for the suggestions


Thanks for the suggestions everybody.  Tried 2 of the 3 repsonses with no luck yet.


Mikki, going to give yours a shot next.


Ben,  I are you saying go to the historical data in work order and then view full results from the results tab?

I am looking for the old Metbase DB Subset field.  It used to be ELEC in the old database and still is shown as ELEC in the asset screen of MetTeam.  It shows up in the Assigned Facility , Service Facility and Authorizing Facility fields.


Freddie, look at the attached.  Facilities.cFacilites is showing the mfg of the equipment.??

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Larry, Sorry; I see what you


Sorry; I see what you mean now.

DB Subset was I4240 in MetTrack and is now vw_Assets.cAssignedFacName in MetTeam.

Like Mikki implied, I also recommend using the vw_Assets view rather than the Assets table in the Database Expert.  Lots more information in there.  (The views are actually combinations of many tables that they made available in one place by taking care of the UID cross-references for you)  Same goes for vw_CallSheets.

That should do it for you.  Let me/us know if you need help with record selection - guessing that's your next step.

I've attached the translation documents I used.  They don't show views but they are 95% the same name between tables and views.  Users is one table where I noticed discrepancies.  

See next post for the other file.

Freddie Lochner

mettrack-field_numbers-to-names.pdf 475.43 KB

Apparently I have exceeded

Apparently I have exceeded our upload limit.

Here are both files on our google drive.

Freddie Lochner


Apparently my company won't

Apparently my company won't let me view your google drive.  (Blocked)  I understand the data field propeties that you sent and actually have a copy.   All eight pages.  What was the other file?  Thanks again for your help.  Even if you could post one page to see what it looks like it would be appreciated.   I may have that one too in my pile of documentation.



uploaded pics

let me know if you want the rest (Locations, Repairs, Customers, Results)



Thanks Freddie for all your

Thanks Freddie for all your help.  Problem solved.  It looks like when I created the report the automatic smart link performed by the database expert links asset's owner to the manufactureUID in Assets. (nFacilityUID in Assets is linked to nFacilityUID in Facilites.  What I needed to do was to change to this:  nAssignedFacUID in Assets LINK TO nFaciltyUID in Facilites.  Examples attached if interested.

Thanks again to all who replied to my question!


Note how the data for cFacilityName in the report changes depending how it is linked.


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No problem.  Glad it worked

No problem.  Glad it worked out.  Yeah, I always make those links manually.


Hi, One other thing that you


One other thing that you have to know is the Linking Option. If you want to add the tool assignment information on a report, then remember to edit the Link option to Left Outer Join, otherwise if your list has assets with and without tool assignments then it will not work.

I believe that you will have the same issue if you have some assets with no assigned facility.


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