MetCal 9 marginal reading results in MetTeam?

Hello all!

The MetTeam full-data results screen lists the tests that are "marginal" in the cCondition field.What table is this coming from? How do I reference this in a CrystalReport so I can count up the marginals in a caibration?

My goal is to create a report of callibrations awaiting approval and this is a quick way to see which caibration results need closer scrutiny.

My MetTrack listed the number of marginals and OOT tests on the calibration screen but this may have been a modification as our database was highly customized. I do not see this in MetTeam but would like to create a report to make up for their absence.

Unless there is another way?

Thank you for any and all help





Hi Vince You can access this

Hi Vince

You can access this field from Points table, or from vw_Points View

I think you can do what you want by adding a new status in the "Status" combobox (cCallSheetStatus), named say (Awaiting Scrutiny) , then design your report according to the status in this field.

Hope this will help you