Line numbers in the Met/Cal editor

If you want to display the line numbers on the text margin in the editor, I can help.
Comment out the following line in the file C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Fluke \ METCAL Editor \ mce32.pkgundef:

// [$RootKey$\ToolsOptionsPages\Text Editor]

You can then activate 'Line numbers' in the Met / Cal editor under

 <Tools> <Options> <Text Editor> <All Languages> <Display>.




Hello Reiner, Interesting! I

Hello Reiner,

Interesting! I had asked about that back before I worked for Fluke. I'll add that the cursor position is always displayed in the Editor though. On the bottom right hand portion of the MET/CAL Editor, you'll see the line and column numbers of the cursor location.

What are you wanting to use the line numbers for? In terms of finding error locations, double clicking on the error message will jump you directly to the error line.

Hi Michael,I use the line

Hi Michael,
I use the line number for debugging or comparing documents.
For a procedure copy to be adapted to a different type, it is very helpful.


Hi Reiner, Thanks for that

Hi Reiner,

Thanks for that info. I hadn't thought about comparing documents as an application for it.