LIB FSC Escel Methode .cells() is not running

 When I want to use LIB FSC with Excels .Cells Methode I get an error. Here a sample(worksheet opject is EXCEL Aplication Worksheet) The .Range Methode is running well, but why is .Cells not running? Is this a known BUG? This runs:   1.017  MATH         cell="B4"  1.018  LIB          COM Cell = xlWorkSheet.Range[cell];  1.019  LIB          cellValue = Cell.Value; This is not running:  1.020  LIB          COM Cell = xlWorkSheet.Cells[2,4];  1.021  LIB          cellValue = Cell.Value; I need this to run to all columns of an sheetHere is the Error Message from editor debug window - The runtime closed here hard, without a n error message: ERROR: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.   at Fluke.Calibration.Metcal.Fsc.LibFsc.LibPropRun(String cmd)   at Fluke.Calibration.Metcal.Fsc.LibFsc.LibRun(String& objName, Object& objValue, String line)   at ?A0xdff7f4d0.lib(SByte* line, Boolean check_only)   at lib_r(block* blk, node* node)   at rdcall(block* blk, proc** pproc)   at run(block* blk, proc** pproc)   at ?A0xed064a14.tr_run()   at tr_handleStep()   at Fluke.Metcal.Editor.Project.TestRunManager.TestRunStep()   at Fluke.Metcal.Editor.Project.TestRunManager.StartTestRun(McProjectNode project, String file, Boolean restart)