Is FlukeCal specifically focused on the MetCal software? I have questions regarding a 719Pro pressure callibrator. Wrong forum?

The title sums up my first query...  I have some questions about pressure calibration and some questions that are very specific to a Fluke 719Pro-30G pressure calibrator I have at work. It seems like this community is focused on the Met/Cal software though so I feel like I am in the wrong place despite it being a Fluke sponsored, "Calibration Community" forum? Let me know if I should be looking into another forum somewhere else.

I have a two year long issue with the aforementioned 719Pro pressure calibrator that now is more a battle of wills with myself and Fluke parts/service dept. I even had this unit sent back to Fluke as an RMA under warranty and they replaced parts I never had any issue with but did not address the primary concern. My 719Pro often would not hold pressure and when I went to service the valves under the battery cover I foudn that only one of the valves had a spring behind it when I am fairyl certain both valves should have a spring. Fluke replaced the sensor and I think they addressed some non-issue with the 4-20mA current reading but it was no better at holding pressure than it was prior to sending it back. I checked the valves and again one had a spring and one did not. 

  I failed to mention that these springs are essntially described as a wear item in the user manual and that they should be replaced if out of tolerance BUT they only appear to be available as part of the pump rebuild kit at a cost of over $800 last time I checked. Snippets from the user manual:

Clean the Valve Assembly

Occasionally, the Product may not work properly due to dirt or other contamination of the internal valve assembly. Use the subsequent procedure to clean the valve assembly. If this procedure does not correct the problem, a repair kit can be ordered. See the “User-Replaceable Parts” section.

from the Clean The Valve Assembly instructions:

6. Clean the O-ring assembly and the O-ring on the retention caps with IPA and inspect the O-rings closely for any damage or excessive wear. Replacements are included in the repair kit, if necessary.

7. Inspect the springs for wear or loss of tension. They should be approximately 8.6 mm long in the relaxed state. If shorter, they may not provide sufficient seal tension. Replace if necessary.

The only "replacement part" or  "repair kit" available is the $800+ "FLK719PRO 30 150PR, Pump Rebuild Kit, 719PRO-30 AND 150G, 4401179" which should, according to one or two Fluke reps I corresponded with, include the spare parts for these small valve assemblies although I could not get a breakdown of included parts from anyone which is crazy at the cost.

The pump I have works fine unless perhaps the leak is in the pump somehow? I did notice that after it's so called "repairs"  this pressure calibrator was factory calibrated with a pressure controller and a pressure controller could compensate for a slow leak. My issue was never with the pressure measurement but only with the ability to maintain a pressure while in the field in a closed system. Using a pressure controller that can maintain a steady pressure despite leaks to test the pressure calibrator for leaks seems rather pointless. I am extremely reluctant to spend over $800 on a "repair kit" that may not fix my problem but seeing as this unit already went back to Fluke once I am not sure how to move forward aside from buying the $800 pump rebuild kit with the hope that it has these tiny springs included and they may fix the leak problem. 

I may have strayed from my original topic as to whether or not this is the correct forum for my questions but if you read this far let me know what you think and I would be grateful for your input. 


PS.  Aplogies for the long-windedness




Abarkley, Yeah, we primarily


Yeah, we primarily deal with Met/Cal software issues and discussions. If you're having issues with a repair, then you'll need to contact the repair department and speak with them. I've some experience with the 719 but nothing in the way of repair or service. All I can suggest is to ensure that the vent valve is fully closed, you aren't trying to apply pressure externally when the unit is set to vaccuum and yes, the pump can leak as well. Just call up your Fluke rep, tell them that it's not holding pressure and see where it goes from there.


Hello Abarkley, If you

Hello Abarkley,

If you contact the Pressure support guys they might be able to address your issue if you haven't already got it worked out. You can email them at