Fluke IR/USB cable/reader/adapter/thingy

Has anyone used these before? I have one and everytime I have a Fluke 189 cross my desk I lament that I can't Met/Cal it. I have the IR reader's driver installed and it registers on COM4 but Met/Cal can't seem to query it. The 189 cal manual makes me think there is another peice of software I might be missing. Does anyone have experience with this? I am guessing blindly at the moment. The cable came with precious little documentation.




You have two choices, One is

You have two choices, One is to go into Device Manager\Ports (Com & LPT) and assign the USB\IR to Com1 or you can edit the procedure to point to COM4.


Well, yes. I mean, I was

Well, yes. I mean, I was pointing the proceedure to COM4. Below is the line that I was running for the sake of experimenting. It times out. I also tried making COM4 the default port within Editor but got an odd message stating that the port did not exist or was locked (presumably the latter is more logical). Anyway, when I run the two lines below, I simply time out. The issue may be something simple and obvious, hence why I am hoping someone just knew off the top of their head, but the cable doesn't even come with enough documentation for me to even determine its communication standard so if I have to go deep on this one, it's going to get quickly problematic.

1.001  PORT    [@COM4][10][13]

1.002  PORT    [i]


Try this...   1.001 DISP

Try this...


 1.001  DISP         Connect the UUT to USB using the IR Interface

  1.001  DISP         Adapter and IR Cable Adapter connector.

  1.001  DISP

  1.001  DISP         Position the meter so that the IR Interface Adapter is

  1.001  DISP         aligned with the IR window on the top of the UUT.


  1.003  MATH         COMPORT = "COM#"

  1.004  MATH         COMPORT = REPL("#",MEM, COMPORT)

  1.005  VSET         PORT = [V COMPORT]

  1.006  DISP         Rotate the UUT function switch to VAC.

  1.007  PORT         [P9600,N,8,1,N]

  1.009  MATH         S[32] = PUTV("UUT_Command", "ID")

  1.011  MATH         S[1] = GETV("UUT_Command"); L[1] = 0; MEM1 = -1

  1.012  DO

  1.013  MATH         L[1] = L[1] + 1

  1.014  PORT         [CLR][TERM CR][T10000][SREG1][13][I$]

  1.015  IF           ZCMP(MEM2, "1")

  1.016  IF           L[1] < 2

  1.017  MATH         MEM1 = 1

  1.018  WAIT         [D1000]

  1.019  ELSE

  1.020  OPBR         An error occurred during communication with the UUT.

  1.020  OPBR

  1.020  OPBR         Do you wish to send the command again?

  1.021  IF           MEM1 < 0

  1.022  MATH         S[32] = PUTV("Error", "1")

  1.023  ENDIF

  1.024  ENDIF        ; L[1] < 2

  1.025  ENDIF        ; ZCMP(MEM2, "1")

  1.026  UNTIL        MEM1 < 0

  1.027  WAIT         [D1000]

  1.028  PORT         [I$]

  1.029  MATH         S[1] = FLD(MEM2, 1, " ")

  1.030  MATH         S[2] = FLD(MEM2, 2, " ")

  1.031  MATH         S[3] = FLD(MEM2, 3, ",")

  1.032  MATH         S[4] = FLD(MEM2, 2, ",")

  1.033  IF           ZCMP(SUB(S[2], LEN(S[2]), 1), ",")

  1.034  MATH         S[2] = SUB(S[2], 1, (LEN(S[2]) - 1))

  1.035  ENDIF

  1.036  IF           ZCMP(SUB(S[4], 1, 1), " ")

  1.037  MATH         S[4] = SUB(S[4], 2, LEN(S[4]))

  1.038  ENDIF

  1.039  DISP         Manufacturer:    [SREG1]

  1.039  DISP         Model:           [SREG2]

  1.039  DISP         Serial Number:   [SREG3]

  1.039  DISP         Firmware Level:  [SREG4]

Thanks a ton! That worked

Thanks a ton! That worked with my unit. I think I can reverse engineer the rest from here. The way it queries still seems screwy but I'll figure it out. Thank you!


Do you have the gold

Do you have the gold proceudre?......I just hack them up to suit my needs.


I am told my company has Gold

I am told my company has Gold support and has been paying for it for the last two years. ... I can probably recreate Fluke Gold's entire database of proceedures by the time I find the person who supposedly approved the purchase order for our Gold subscription. 


If you send an email to

If you send an email to softwaresupport@flukecal.com I can look up the company and get you the MET/SUPPORT Gold Membership number so you can add it to your account to get access to the procedures.


Oh my goodness! I am beyond

Oh my goodness! I am beyond stupid! *smacks forehead* I kept treating the IR cable as the thing I was trying to query and not the 189 itself! *smacks forhead again* Of course the was no manual on this thing! The documentation is in the 189's manual! *sigh...* I'm going home. I'll catch y'all later. Thanks again for the help.