Changing Customer in open workorder


I am new to Met Team, and have been running with a migrated data base from Met Track.  Some of the fields populated correctly, but I need t edit the customer in the open work orders we have. It is "blued" out so I cannot change it. Is there another screen I need to change to have this populate correctly or is it set in stone, correct or not when he work order is opened?






Hi Kara, Customer information

Hi Kara, Customer information is managed through the Facility option. Go to Maintenance -> Facitlities. Use the Find screen to find the customer data you need to change. Once the screen appears you will be able to edit.



yes I can edit Facilities,

yes I can edit Facilities, however on my workorder, the customer is too high a level. I need the child of the facility as the customer, is there a way to select the customer?


I am not very good with Met

I am not very good with Met Team yet. Would you have to create the child in Facilities and then assign the asset to the newly created child before the work order would update? Maybe?