change of procdir

In the Met / Cal editor Publish Package uses the directory of procdir (metcal.ini).
Does anyone know how to change this value for procdir?
A manual change in the metcal.ini will be reset the next time the project is opened.
The entry is missing in the dialog MET / Cal configuration.
One possibility would be to convert a dummy project in the old format, which has a valid proc.dir in the desired directory.




Hello Reiner, Have you

Hello Reiner,

Have you considered using Procedure Executable (PXE) files instead? Beginning in MET/CAL version 9.1, PROC.DIR procedures are no longer used. What version are you using?

Any time to attempt to "open" a PROC.DIR style procedure, either from MET/CAL Runtime or MET/CAL Editor, it will set the directory location to the last PROC.DIR file used. If you're using a version before 9.1, there should be another menu option in the Build menu, Publish Selected Procedure to...

You can use that to create a new PROC.DIR if you need to.

Hi Michael,I also work with

Hi Michael,
I also work with Met / Cal 9.1.
My concern is that in Publish Package as the default path of the entry of procdir is used, which I can not change.
Under Met / Cal 8.3 Runtime I can change the entry of procdir with <File> <Change Default Directory ...>.


Hello Reiner, The first

Hello Reiner,

The first (solution level) or second (project leve) options in the build menu are probably your better choice instead of Publish Package. It will create the PXE/ZIP file in a bin folder inside your project folder.

The removal of PROC.DIR procedures in version 9.1 makes the Publish Package option somewhat antiquated approach to building the procedures.