When we first set up MT we mistakenly thought the ID could be the same as the Barcode.  As you all probably know, the Barcode should be unique while the ID can duplicate.  That said, I need to change the Barcodes for everything we have imported for hundreds of customers.  Other than going to each asset one at a time and clicking the "update barcode" button, would anyone have some way to update all these Barcodes?




We also use Barcode as our

We also use Barcode as our ID.  We have the ID field hidden and only use it when adding standards. Our printed barcodes display the asset # in barcode format followed by the customer in text.   i.e. |||| |||||| JetBlue


We are using ID and Barcode

We are using ID and Barcode just about opposite of your method because many of our customers use the same asset number and we do not use actual barcodes at this time.  Thanks.